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Kinetic TypeScript SDK

Learn how to use the Kinetic TypeScript SDK


yarn add @kin-kinetic/sdk @kin-kinetic/keypair @kin-kinetic/solana

Initialize SDK

Initialise the SDK so that you have access to all of Kinetic's methods.

import { KineticSdk, KineticSdkConfig } from '@kin-kinetic/sdk'

// Note - this example is using a demo app on the Kinetic Sandbox provided by the Kin Foundation.
const config: KineticSdkConfig = {
endpoint: '',
environment: 'devnet',
index: 1
// Note - Setting up the Kinetic SDK is an async action
const sdk: KineticSdk = await KineticSdk.setup(config)

If you're self-hosting Kinetic, you can include an optional endpoint value pointing at your server.

Here's the config Type for reference:

export interface KineticSdkConfig {
index: number;
endpoint: string;
environment: KineticSdkEnvironment;
headers?: Record<string, string>;
logger?: KineticSdkLogger;
solanaRpcEndpoint?: string;

Generate a Keypair

A Keypair contains a 'secretKey' that you can use to sign transactions and a 'publicKey' that you can use as an address for paying towards or checking a balance, etc.

Using Keypair.random() will also return a mnemonic that you can use to recreate you wallet in other applications / wallets should you choose to do so.

import { Keypair } from '@kin-kinetic/keypair'

const keypair = Keypair.random()
const { mnemonic, secretKey, publicKey } = keypair;

Create a Kin Account

Use your keypair to create your account on the Solana blockchain.

const account = await sdk.createAccount({ owner: keypair })

Generate your keypair from your mnemonic for an existing account:

const keypair = Keypair.fromMnemonic(mnemonic);

Use the SDK with the Keypair

Get the balance

Use a publicKey to check your Kin balance.

const balance = await sdk.getBalance({ account: keypair.publicKey })

Request an Airdrop

Send Kin to a publicKey on the Solana devnet.

Airdrops take some time to complete as we make sure the transaction has been confirmed on the blockchain before returning a response.

const signature = await sdk.requestAirdrop({ account: keypair.publicKey, amount: '1000' })

Make a Transfer

Send Kin from a Keypair (as you need the privateKey) to a publicKey on the blockchain.

You can optionally set the commitment level before returning ('Confirmed', 'Finalized' or Processed), the transaction type, or add a referenceId / referenceType.

const result = await sdk.makeTransfer({
amount: "42",
destination: "ALisrzsaVqciCxy8r6g7MUrPoRo3CpGxPhwBbZzqZ9bA",
owner: keypair,

Here's the makeTransfer Type for reference:

export interface TransferDestination {
amount: string
destination: PublicKeyString
export interface MakeTransferOptions extends TransferDestination {
commitment?: Commitment;
mint?: string;
owner: Keypair;
referenceId?: string;
referenceType?: string;
senderCreate?: boolean;
type?: TransactionType;